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Crocodile World

On Sunday 7th April John and Lorraine, from Warwickshire Country Link, visited Crocodile World at Brize Norton.

They found the day very interesting. There were many species of crocodiles and alligators to see and plenty of information boards. One of these boards stated that in the wild crocodiles can go for up to 2 years without eating.

There was also a, very elusive, Komodo dragon which they did manage to catch sight of right at the back of the pen.

A lot of conservation work is being carried out at Crocodile World, and they house other mammals as well.

John and Lorraine finished the day looking around a private museum before heading home.

Crufts and Lichfield visits

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Visit to Crufts

On 10th March two members visited Crufts at the NEC. Naturally there were a lot of dogs to be seen but they particularly enjoyed watching the agility classes, and the young handlers. There was also a lot of stalls for browsing and shopping.

Viewing the Severn Bore

Two days later, on 12th March, those same two members had an early start to drive to the south of Gloucester to watch the Severn Bore. They needed to be there for 8.00 am to view the tidal wave travelling up the estuary. There are certain days during the year when the high tides are right for this phenomenon to occur. The waves are graded from 1 to 5 stars and on this particular Tuesday they were graded at 5 stars. The only time this will happen in 2024. Surfers can be seen on the River Severn when this takes place.

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Visit to Lichfield

On Sunday 11th February Liz and Phil (Derbyshire) met Lorriane and John (Warwickshire) in Cathedral Close, Lichfield. Lorraine had organised a guided tour of Erasmus Darwin's house. The guide told them how the house had been built, and part of the old city walls are in the garden. This was followed with a visit to the cellar. After looking at the houses in the Close, where people involved with the cathedral live, the four went into the house. They were shown a video about Darwin, a very clever man who was interested in, and involved with, many things. His story is told in the different rooms throughout the house. The garden grows many of the herbs he used for early medicines.

Following the visit to Darwin's House the four members went for a bite to eat before returning to the Cathedral, always stunning and magnificent. They had a good wander around, reading about the stone angel that was found when doing some excavations, reading the plaques (including one in Darwin's memory) and looking at the statues. There is a photo showing 'The Sleeping Children' - two young sisters who had died.

They then walked along Dam Street where fighting had taken place during the Civil War, and which is reported to be haunted by people from that time. Then on into the Market Square to look at the statue of Dr Samuel Johnson (creator of the Oxford English Dictionary), and to his house. There was no time left to look around the house. However, Lorraine is planning a further visit to Lichfield so that Dr Johnson's house can be visited next time.

It's always lovely to visit Lichfield, it didn't disappoint and the company was good.

Liz extended her thanks to Lorraine for organising a great day out.

Visit to Symonds Yat

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On Sunday 28th January there was a national day out to the Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo at Symonds Yat, near to Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire.

The zoo was home to approximately 20 species of butterfly. We saw butterflies flying around, at rest, feeding, and at different stage of their life cycle. We saw them at egg stage, caterpillar, pupae, and freshly hatched, right through to full grown examples and those coming to the end of their life. were in a controlled environment. The species at the zoo live from approximately 2 weeks up to 6 months.

It was a very interesting and educational day out and well worth the 3 hour round-trip.

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