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Ayrshire socially distanced picnicAyrshire socially distanced picnic

We were very lucky in Ayrshire to have managed to squeeze in a socially distanced, bring-your-own-picnic, on a sunny Sunday in mid-August, when we were still allowed 15 folk meeting up outdoors. This turned out to be the only get-together we managed between summer work being completed and the weather turning colder again. It was great to see some of our group again and have a good chat.

And now of course we find ourselves, in the central belt of Scotland, unable to meet up again, inside or outdoors.

However we are still trying to keep in touch with each other, and our monthly competitions continue, which quite a number take part in.

If any other club would like a copy of these quizzes to use, please just email us and I will send these on.

As we can't have our annual Root & Industrial night this year, we will be doing this by sending in photographs instead - judging at the end of October will be by presentation rather than taste! With Christmas just around the corner, we will need to think of something fun to occupy ourselves with for then too.

In the meantime we send all our friends in other clubs our best wishes, and hope it won't be long until we can meet again at the national weekends.

Keep safe everyone.

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